Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Big Girls Need Love Too…An Observation by Terry Odis


This morning, I took the first open seat I saw next to a woman on the train to work (I secretly HATE sitting next to guys, cuz man thighs rubbing together is NOT what’s hot in the streets). The woman was black, big boned, and in her own world, and I was in mine too, which was a borrowed copy of Jay-Z’s Decoded. A slight bump on the train caused our worlds to collide; our legs brushed. I gazed down, and realized that her leg was close to double the size of mine, not a rare occurrence for a guy who JUST found his grown man weight of 185 lbs. This took me completely out of my book and launched me into a reflection of my own world, and a preference that I used to catch a bit of hell for before I became happily engaged; I like THICKER women.

You know though, I’ve never taken the time to really ask myself WHY. I know that I’m a black male and that it’s not uncommon to have an affinity for a phat derriere. I’m also aware that in some African cultures, being heavier is a sign of opulence and good health. It could come from being raised around SOME larger women, but the women in my family run the gamut when it comes to size, shape and complexion. Truth be told, I never deemed it important enough to search for some B.S. sub-conscious justification for my personal preference for thick women. I don’t think there ARE any. I just like what I like. All I know is that it definitely came in handy when me and boys would “hunt”; most (most meaning ALL) of them go for light-skinned, long hair, and I went for brown skinned, big booty, nice smile, a lil extra.

I’m painfully aware of the stigma that the culture and media place on women being “thin”. I also observe that now, “black girl features “ are in season, whether or not they’re organically grown or injected with more crap than the breasts and thighs at KFC. It just kills me that ppl want these features without the “extra” that comes with it, the part that I actually got love for.

I guess I’m speaking from experience. Not to tell on myself, but girls with a lil extra come with benefits. You ever sleep with a thicker woman in the winter? I GUARANTEE the best sleep in your life, and I think babies would agree. The common stereotype is that these women can cook, which isn’t exactly an offshoot from the truth. Word in science is that thicker women are fertile, and this man is definitely trying to have a tribe one day (or as many as I can afford). Something about owning your size (BEING HEALTHY, mind you) is just SEXY. Maybe it’s the aura these women give off. They be having swag.

Now ladies, if you’re reading this, THIS IS NOT the green light to go consume pints of Ben & Jerry’s Schweddy Balls ice cream with reckless abandon. Moreover, this is a go-ahead appreciation letter to be comfortable if you’re weight conscious. There are men out here who definitely got love for yall.


T. Odis

P.S. I didn't post a picture for a reason. Define your OWN standard of beauty. *Drops mic*
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  1. I'm not big-boned but I feel that way about men! You need some weight on your bones! More man to hold on to! The skinny men slip through your fingers... lol