Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A piece i wrote for friends on their wedding day

Is more than a ceremony
It is as sacred as my savior
More divine
Than the nine fingers I leave unadorned
More special than precious metal I place around that one,
Love, you are what happens when exceptional leaves the fingertips of our father.
I have loved you
Before you were wrapped in mahogany
When we were mere spirits hidden in the basement of heaven
Resting on the work table of God
Our energies grazed way before my eyes laid their gaze on your physical frame
These rings
Are much more than decoration
They polarize our magnetic atoms
Adam had these when he was in the garden with Eve,
Love please, let’s spend beyond together forever
Let’s spend our sunset casting cares against the clouds
And matching them with fishing pole prayers into a sea of petitions
I petition you
Let’s take eternity to talk about our desires
And write them into time
Allow me to impregnate you with my dreams
And watch you birth them into reality
Let’s enjoy forever.
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