Monday, December 27, 2010

RELEVANCE: How Many of Us Have It?

Last weekend i was blessed to be in the presence of several talented poets, immersed in some of the best conversation i've had since college. Amongst the topics of hip-hop, the slam the previous evening, current events, poets that are changing the game, and food, the someone asked this question: "Is it ok to write about something you may or may not be feeling at the time, even if the crowd is feeling it? Is it ok cool to be a an artist who writes what ppl want to hear?"

Up until this conversation, i didn't think so. I was always led to believe that one shouldn't speak on what they don't feel or haven't been through (subsequently, i have come to dislike rappers who talk about shooting 50 million ppl #wedontbelieveyou,youneedmoreppl).

But then i realized ppl actually BUY this stuff, cuz that's what they wanna hear. (that's a completely diferent blog entry). But also there are artists (Mary J. Blige, Musiq Soulchild) whose songs are so relevant anyone at any age can relate. I'm almost certain that they experienced some degree of success.

Suddenly, i received a revelation!!!!

As artists, it is our duty to be RELEVANT!!!!

If we only talk about what we feel, without conisdering if others experience our feelings, how do we expect them to relate and listen to us? It is our duty to establish a connection, make our audience feel and relate to our songs, poems, and art. We not only speak for ourselves, but we are a voice for the voiceless. Moreso, i think it is our duty to fully run the gamut of our emotions and eloquently catalog and communicate them. They say the best artists have the hardest lives. Mary J.'s first four albums are evidence.

So, i guess it's time to write the poetry i have been running from.

Artistically yours,

T. Odis


Black Ice Presents: The Unspeakable feat. Eddie III, T. Odis, Queen Victoria, Nsaychable Poet, Gabrielle Patterson, Kool's Bazaar, and Black Ice!!!

Black Ice Presents: The Unspeakable from Joe Clemons on Vimeo.

December 1st, 2010 at Ball State University an unspeakable event took place. For those who were not fortunate enough to be present this is a gift to you. Featuring artist Eddie III, T. Odis, Queen Victoria, Nsaychable Poet, Gabrielle Patterson, Kool's Bazaar, and Tony Award Winning, 6X HBO Def Poetry Poet Black Ice. The documentary features back stage interviews, poetry performances, and more all told from the perspective of the event coordinator Joe Clemons. Each poem is powerful in its own right living up to the title of The Unspeakable. No words can suffice for the watch you are about to watch. All brought to you by C.H.A.O.S. Crew Productions. Enjoy!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Silver Surfer (free write)

One afternoon i was riding a crowded bus back to Chicago
A stranger asked for the seat next to me and I agreed
He had two stars in each eyes
And that moment
I knew he was from another planet

He had the brownest eyes I had ever seen
He had a long board tucked underneath the bus
A backpack that housed his story
I asked him where he was going He said wherever his board took him next
You see, he has wrapped himself in his own courage
Gassed up in dreams
And with a jet blue pass
He is going where no boarder has gone before
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I Get It IN...

photography by Cheria Caldwell for
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Chillin After the Black Ice Event...

From l to r: T. Odis, JaMarlon, Eddie III, Jay Dawn, Gabrielle Patterson, N'Saychable, Queen Victoria photography by Cheria Caldwell for
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Come Check Me Out In Indianapolis!

First show in Naptown, but it definitely won't be the last.
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I Get It IN....

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A Work in Progress

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Business card

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In The Stu...

Let's GO!
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Mama I Got Dreams: My Last Day of Work

On December 10 of this year I finished my last day of a 3 month work contract that was extended just over 7 months. Due in part to hard work, dedication and a desire to learn and place my best foor forward, God has allowed me be somewhat financially stable. But now, I am two weeks without unemployment. AND I FEEL AMAZING.

This is not saying that I don't like collecting checks, cuz i do; and with Sallie Mae having her handin my pocket, I can't afford to not record. But to wake up spend significant time with God does wonders for the spirit when its not rushed. I've written more poems in the last two weeks than i have in half a yr. My side work has been carrying me. And i began work on my first EP.

As I move into the new year, honestly, I am SCARED. concerned about my lack of constant employment and income, afraid of eviction, and any other rhing would pretty much say I cant take care of myself. Corporate America got us on lock, yall.

I am also excited! I am sure the EP will be dope, new material will be dope, and I look forward to maturing as a man and artist. I just hope God bpesses me with a happy medium. Or abundance in both.

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Old Lovers

Arms crossed
Quiet as a wayward wirlwind
She did her best to keep the tears froms breaking their levees.
They resorted to sparkling behind her pupils like stars
Behind a bloodshot moon
And right then, I knew
That pain was ingrained into the nature of love.
Her husband was stretched across a high railed hospital bed hours away from a serious surgery
And in 408, There was a calm with a katrina waiting outside the door...
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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

OK, its been a while since i've actually postined ANYTHING on here, but i'ma get better. Promise. If you're reading this, then I thank you for just stopping by and looking around! It's a work in progress!!!

More poetry soon,