Friday, December 24, 2010

Mama I Got Dreams: My Last Day of Work

On December 10 of this year I finished my last day of a 3 month work contract that was extended just over 7 months. Due in part to hard work, dedication and a desire to learn and place my best foor forward, God has allowed me be somewhat financially stable. But now, I am two weeks without unemployment. AND I FEEL AMAZING.

This is not saying that I don't like collecting checks, cuz i do; and with Sallie Mae having her handin my pocket, I can't afford to not record. But to wake up spend significant time with God does wonders for the spirit when its not rushed. I've written more poems in the last two weeks than i have in half a yr. My side work has been carrying me. And i began work on my first EP.

As I move into the new year, honestly, I am SCARED. concerned about my lack of constant employment and income, afraid of eviction, and any other rhing would pretty much say I cant take care of myself. Corporate America got us on lock, yall.

I am also excited! I am sure the EP will be dope, new material will be dope, and I look forward to maturing as a man and artist. I just hope God bpesses me with a happy medium. Or abundance in both.

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