Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hassaan Mackey x Apollo Brown: Daily Bread

They gave the black man a black pres but what for?/
Only to try and blame us more, while we live under the radar fighting the us war/
Can't figure it out
What the fuck for?

Anybody kwho knows me KNOWS i'm a hip-hop head with pride. I love music, but i love finding new, undiscovered music. I'm a lil late on this one, but check out this album from NY emcee Hassaan mackey and Detroit producer Apollo Brown. Complete with gritty, introspective rhymes, hard knocking percussion, and soulful samples that have D-Town written all over them, this is NOT to be slept on. #SPITFOREVER

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Big Girls Need Love Too…An Observation by Terry Odis


This morning, I took the first open seat I saw next to a woman on the train to work (I secretly HATE sitting next to guys, cuz man thighs rubbing together is NOT what’s hot in the streets). The woman was black, big boned, and in her own world, and I was in mine too, which was a borrowed copy of Jay-Z’s Decoded. A slight bump on the train caused our worlds to collide; our legs brushed. I gazed down, and realized that her leg was close to double the size of mine, not a rare occurrence for a guy who JUST found his grown man weight of 185 lbs. This took me completely out of my book and launched me into a reflection of my own world, and a preference that I used to catch a bit of hell for before I became happily engaged; I like THICKER women.