Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spittin after work...

So...i came home from work and decided to spit in front of the camera...I messed up...maybe I'll redo day...
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Hit the Road: You Can't Chase Your Dreams If You Don't Start Running

A few Fridays ago, I was traveling to Chicago to hit up a few open mics and visit my mom and sister. I boarded a nearly filled Megabus with a nearly empty notebook, praying for inspiration. A guy sat next to me, and about midway through the trip we began to make small talk. He told me he had purchased Jet Blue's All You Can Jet Pass and had made plans to visit friends and family. He explained his plan to me, how he planned to criss-cross the country visiting New York, Indianapolis, Chicago (stand up!), California, and a few other places, planning out some stops and completely winging it on others. He traveled light, with just a backpack, small duffel bag, and a downhill skateboard. He'd also collected the contact info of ppl he met along the way, planning to keep in touch. This guy instantly became one of the DOPEST ppl in the world to me!!! To take advantage of an opportunity like that and simply LIVE LIFE, experiencing new things and places is a luxury many of us are afraid to take. Ok, for those who are reading this, i'm a black male who comes from a not-so-fortunate area south of Chicago. Where i'm from, ppl regard something like this as impossible, unable to see beyond the $500 price tag on the unlimited pass, if they even know about it at all. But think about it. How many times have heard a child say (or even an adult) say, "One day i'm just gonna go and see everything!"

Friday, September 17, 2010


Here goes nothing.
My whole soul on paper
Etched into a tree
Burned to a cd
Bootlegged to mp3
My one shot at a legacy
Call me Jordan in 91', 92', 93'
Fadeaway jump shot wit Satan serving a doubleteam
I won't be defeated
You ain't even fighting me
To fight me is to fight three

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I am at a beautiful crossroads. A college education has allowed me to be employed (someday quite gainfully), yet god given gifts have allowed me have a way with words and a presence with ppl. I am an architect by trade. i am a poet by talent. This blog will document the journey to discover if the two can co-exist. I invite you to witness growth as a poet and a professional, a story in progress for several years now. Regardless of the road I choose, I WILL NOT LOSE.
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