Friday, September 17, 2010


Here goes nothing.
My whole soul on paper
Etched into a tree
Burned to a cd
Bootlegged to mp3
My one shot at a legacy
Call me Jordan in 91', 92', 93'
Fadeaway jump shot wit Satan serving a doubleteam
I won't be defeated
You ain't even fighting me
To fight me is to fight three

Father, son, holy ghost
Enemies come at me one way,
And will depart in seven
A step beyond mark of the beast I am perfection
Perfection Is only half perception
Turn all you know on its head -I am inception
I am progression
Of a diaspora
I am Conception
Of a dream deferred
I am injection
Of purpose into a life
poetic pronouns pumped into my veins to relieve pain and strife
These words are my everything
These words are my very being
There are verses in my ventricles
God turned word to flesh
Grew me and gave me a purpose
Gave me a reason for breathing
Gave me a job-I got hired
I got higher
Than any bud drug
I got flyer
Than any jet plane
I'm a survivor
Minus the CBS
I got divine direction, that's that GPS
I couldn't stop if I wanted to
I ain't even drivin
(Soft spoken)I just be ridin
I don't even know where I'm goin to
All I know is that I'm doin EXACTLY what I was born to do.
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