Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another Freewrite...

if time and space are all that separate us
lets twist time into tornadoes
and ride them to each other
conga across calendars
waltz across wayward winds
i love you 5000 miles at a time
across oceans
desert storms
through talking sneakers
that wont hesitate to bump their gum bottoms
about each step we take together
sometimes forward
sometimes backward
sometimes sideways
cause sometimes love lives in the middle of minefields
but if we close our eyes
put faith to our feet
and dance in tandem
we can tango any trap that attempts to tangle us
if life insists on departure
we’ll spiral wildly in synchronized disaster
not truly separating in fear of losing life grip
let’s stretch
like lovers arms
bodies spinning round a shared gravity
admiring from afar
until our next abrazo

1 comment:

  1. Stop writing these love poems! Ugh. They're making me feel all mushy.